Smiling child at family dinner table

Food You Can Love

Featuring Beef and Pork from our Local Family Farm

Choosing good food for your family can be difficult. We make these decisions easy by providing high quality food and sharing the skills to transform it into delicious meals that your family can love.

STEP 1: Order Your Meat

We have delicious Beef and Pork available! We can ship it to your door or meet you for pickup/delivery.

STEP 2: Learn More About Food and Cooking

Check out our blog with recipes, how-to’s, and informative posts on food

STEP 3: Enjoy Delicious Meals that your Family Loves!

Thank you for your interest in Gibralter Farms! We are John and Sarah Gilbert. Like you, we work hard to select food for our family that we feel great about. We are in the unique position as farmers to grow and produce food from the ground up and we are excited to share this food with you. We also have a passion for cooking and want to help you develop your cooking skills so that feeding your family can go from stressful to enjoyable.

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We are here to help and love hearing from you!