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Established in 1899, Gibralter Farms is located in Hardin County in North Central Iowa straddling the south fork of the Iowa River. The farm includes a variety of crops employed in diverse rotations including corn, soybeans, oats, hay, and pasture. The farm is home to dairy and beef cattle, pigs, a plethora of cats, and a few chickens along with an abundance of trees and wildlife.

John and Sarah Gilbert met at Iowa State University but then took a few years after graduating to decide they liked each other, eventually getting married in 2009. Sarah received her bachelor’s degrees in Dairy Science and Agricultural Business with a minor in English and then worked for National All-Jersey Inc. John received his undergraduate degree in Agricultural Engineering and then worked as a consulting engineer in Ames while also earning an M.S. in Agricultural Engineering. John and Sarah moved back to the farm in 2010 with both working full-time on the farm since 2014. John and Sarah have two daughters, Isabel and Adeline.

John and Sarah Gilbert with daughter and cow in pasture
John and Beverly Gilbert

John and Beverly Gilbert met at Iowa State University and married shortly after their graduation. John worked as a newspaper editor and Beverly worked as a home economics teacher until their return to the farm in 1979. Through surviving the farm crisis and many other ups and downs, they have maintained a steadfast commitment to conservation and caring for livestock and land. They have been honored with many awards including the Practical Farmers of Iowa Sustainable Achievement Award and Niman Ranch Farmer of the Year Award. Along with son John and daughter-in-law Sarah, John and Beverly are parents to son James and daughter in-law Carly, and daughter Kate.

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