Becoming a Roast Master

Roast on platter with popovers, shallots, brussel sprouts

Becoming a Roast Master

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What is in the guide:

Learn the components of a roast and the types of Beef and Pork Roasts available

Get the secrets to searing a golden brown crust on your roasts

Understand the difference between Roasting and Braising

Find out which roasts work best for each method

Learn about 3 different ways to cook a roast

Explore different flavor additions

Learn how to reduce a sauce and make gravy

About the Authors

John and Sarah Gilbert met at Iowa State University but then took a few years after graduating to decide they liked each other. They got married in 2009 and moved back to farm full time in 2010. With degrees in Dairy Science (Sarah) and Agricultural Engineering (John), they have found enjoyment in the challenges of farming and are excited about sharing their experiences in food and farming with you.

About the Farm

Established in 1899, Gibralter Farms is located in Hardin County in North Central Iowa straddling the south fork of the Iowa River. The farm includes a variety of crops employed in diverse rotations including corn, soybeans, oats, hay, and pasture. The farm is home to dairy and beef cattle, pigs, a plethora of cats, and a few chickens along with an abundance of trees and wildlife.