How to Receive your Meat Order

For those in the Iowa Falls Area:

We make regular trips to Iowa Falls and can coordinate a time to either meet or deliver to your home. We will be in contact after you order to coordinate a time and place.

Bundles come in an insulated bag with our logo that is yours to keep and use!

To Receive Your Order
  1. Place your order through our website and select local pickup. Leave us a note at order checkout or send us an email to find a time for delivery.
  2. You will receive an automatic email confirming the order. We will also contact you to coordinate the pick-up time and place.
  3. Meet us in Iowa Falls or at your home at the coordinated time to receive your order.

For those in Iowa and Surrounding States

We are offering one day shipping through SpeeDee Delivery. We ship on Tuesdays so that you will receive your meat on Wednesdays. Place your orders prior to Monday at noon to have your order shipped.

The white areas on the map below are available for shipping. If you are in a blue area, contact us and we will coordinate a shipping option to ensure that the meat reaches you safely.

Receiving Your Order

  1. Place your order through our website and select Flat Rate Shipping or Free Shipping for orders over $200.
  2. You will receive an email confirming the order and another one with shipping information.
  3. Look for your delivery on Wednesday and unpack as soon as possible.
  4. The meat is packed in an insulated box and will have dry ice in the bottom during warmer weather.
    • The intention is to get the meat to you frozen but is safe if it remains below refrigerator temperatures (40 degrees Fahrenheit). If meat has thawed, either move to freezer to refreeze or to refrigerator to be used in the following few days.
    • If meat is warm, discard and contact us and we will work with you to resend or refund your order.
  5. Move meat to freezer or refrigerator if you intend to use in the following few days.
  6. After unloading meat, move the box outside or to a well ventilated area until the dry ice has dissipated.
  7. Once dry ice has dissipated, the box may be broken down and recycled. The insulation is made from corn and may be composted or dissolved in the sink. See this page for more details.
  8. Enjoy your meat! We know it will be Food You Can Love!

Our Meat is also available for delivery through these Partners:

  • Prudent Produce
    • Home delivery in the Ames/Des Moines area along with pickup locations in Clear Lake, Mason City, and other Northern Iowa locations.
  • Over the Moon Farm and Flowers
    • Home delivery in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area (specifically Delaware, Linn, and Johnson county). Get some of their pork, poultry, and flowers as well!

Visit their sites to order!

For those not in the shipping area:

We do not currently offer shipping outside of the areas listed above. Contact us to see what other options may be available.