New Arrivals – September 2021

We’ve had a number of new calves born and come to the farm in September.

Natalie started it off on the 13th with a heifer

Newborn calf standing on straw in pen

On the 15th, we picked up this little guy from our friends at Lost Lake Farm.

Small black and white calf in pen

Glaida had a very large bull calf on the 16th

Brown Swiss cow on pasture licking newborn bull calf

We found a surprise on the 22nd. Einstein had a bull calf who found his way into the cow’s hay.

Newborn brown swiss calf nestled in hay

Midge surprised us on the 26th with three week early heifer calf in the dry cow pasture.

Brown swiss with small newborn calf in trees and long grass

And, finally on the 30th we brought back eight calves from our friends the Sachs in Minnesota.

8 young calves in group huts