Recipes for Thanksgiving featuring Beef and Pork

Turkey is the star protein of Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fit a little beef and pork into your holiday festivities.

Here are some ways that beef and pork can add to the deliciousness that is Thanksgiving.


Let’s face it, turkey is fine, but stuffing is really where it is at when constructing your perfect Thanksgiving plate. Our pork Italian Sausage and Breakfast Sausage can both be used to add flavor and heartiness to your stuffing.


Need a make-ahead recovery meal for after your Thanksgiving feast? Reheat some of these meatballs and pair with cheese and crackers and other snack foods (or leftovers), for a stress-free and delicious meal.

Meaty Sides

Want to change up your side dishes? Try some bacon with your green beans and ham with the corn.

Breakfast and Brunch

If you have family staying over, use one of these casseroles to keep them full.

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John and Sarah Gilbert farm with their family in North Central Iowa. They care for pigs, cows, and the land to bring you beef and pork you can love. They have a passion for cooking and helping others develop the skills they need to put healthy and delicious home-cooked meals on the table. They can be contacted by email and through Facebook and Instagram.