What We Mean By ‘Food You Can Love’

You may have noticed that we use the word ‘love’ a lot. And you may have wondered what we mean when we say things like ‘Food You Can Love’.

It is no secret that humanity faces a lot of problems, many that can seem overwhelming and unsolvable. But we all have the power to make change and it starts in simple small steps in how we choose to live our lives. We can’t control the actions of others, but we can be an example for others to follow.

Living from a place of love means choosing to live with kindness, compassion, understanding, and a resolve to leave things a little better than we found them. And this is how we approach farming.

So when we say ‘Food You Can Love’, it is because we have put our love into growing and providing this food for you, and in turn we hope it brings a little more love into your life.

“We do not inherit the land from our ancestors, but borrow it from our children” -Unknown

In farming, the most valuable asset is the land. We have always approached caring for the land with a long-term view, knowing that we want the land to be productive this year and centuries into the future as well.

To that end, we conserve soil by minimizing tillage to limit the potential for erosion. Topsoil benefits no one if it ends up in ditches and waterways.

Soil is much more than a collection of minerals and plant matter. It is the skin of the planet, and just like our skin, it is a complex living system. A healthy soil is a symphony of microbiology, insects, plants, and animals.

So, in addition to soil conservation, we emphasize creating conditions for healthy soils. We rotationally graze our pastures, moving animals from pasture to pasture to let the land rest and recover. We grow perennial forages and cover crops to keep living roots in the soil to help promote soil health.

Nurturing healthy soils can improve water quality, create more nutrient dense foods, and even improve the climate (see video below).

We put our care into the land, knowing in the end, the land is what cares for all of us. When you purchase food from us, it comes from land that was loved.

Farming at its core is stewarding nature. And nature would be missing an important piece without animals.

Our farm would be an incomplete system without animals, and, for that reason, livestock have played a large role in our farm for all of its history.

Instead of selling all of the crops from the farm each year, we feed some to our livestock. The animals concentrate these crops into a nutrient-dense food while also returning fertility and biology to the soil through manure.

We take great reverence for the care of other living creatures. We do our best to not only keep them healthy and thriving, but also allow them to express their natural behaviors.

For our cows, we allow them to graze, routinely moving them to new pastures, mimicking what migrating herds of ruminants have done all over the world for thousands of years.

Our pigs are housed in deep-bedded hoop buildings, open to fresh air at each end, giving them an environment where they can socialize, root, and play similar to their natural home, the forest.

From our cows and pigs to all of the wildlife that are an integral part of our farm, we appreciate the role they play in keeping our farm fertile and bountiful.

So when you purchase meat from our farm, know that it came from animals that were deeply loved and appreciated.

Farming is the transformation of nature into the food and products needed by the community. We have started marketing meat to increase the connection between our farm and community. And with that connection, we not only want to be your source of beef and pork, but also help you transform our meat into delicious meals.

In our hectic lives, getting home cooked meals on the table can be a challenge. We are here for you with recipes, cooking tips, and time saving methods to get meals on the table that will warm your family’s bellies and hearts.

So when you cook with our meat, know that we are here to share our love for great food with you.

When we say ‘Food You Can Love’, it is because we know the care for the land, the love for the animals, and desire to share the love with our community that has gone into producing this food for you.

Our care and management not only benefits the land but translates into flavorful beef and pork. For you to truly love a food, we know it must taste great as well.

And if you have questions or need help, we are here to assist you with transforming our meat into fantastic meals.

We each have the opportunity to make the world a little bit better place, and for us that starts with ‘Food You Can Love’.

Want to taste the difference that comes with ‘Food You Can Love’?

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